FastComet, Best High Performance Premium Web Hosting

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FastComet is a high performance cloud based web hosting service provider with premium support. This is one of the best web hosting company that offers different web hosting services to suit every need. It has multiple and strategic Data Center locations around the world with enterprise class facilities and maximum security, these include in North America, Europe, and Asia. They are fully committed to provide the fastest hosting services and help customers to optimize their website for optimal performance. They have years of experience in the field of system administration to private and business clients. FastComet is one of reliable SSD Cloud Hosting and the world’s most powerful web hosting environment.


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FastComet offers a different web hosting solutions to meet customer requirements ranging from Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting,VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers. It offers the same special price for the first invoice and renewal price that would be benefit for your website. The StartSmart Plan provides all the essential cloud hosting features that client need to accommodate or to start a website or blog. They also have a competitive price for Fully Managed SSD Cloud VPS Hosting to empower your website and business. For complete and up to date FastComet Pricing and Services, Visit FastComet.

FastComet Cloud Hosting Plans
NameWebsiteStorageBandwidthSpecial Price
StartSmart115 GB SSDUnmetered$2.95 /m
ScaleRightMultiple25 GB SSDUnmetered$5.95 /m
SpeedUpMultiple35 GB SSDUnmetered$9.95 /m
FastComet Full Managed VPS Hosting Plans
VPS Cloud 11 CPU2 GB50 GB2 TB$59.95 /m
VPS Cloud 22 CPU4 GB80 GB4 TB$69.95 /m
VPS Cloud 34 CPU8 GB160 GB5 TB$89.95 /m
VPS Cloud 46 CPU16 GB320 GB8 TB$139.95 /m

FastComet Payment Methods: VISA, Maestro, MasterCard, AMEX, and Paypal.


FastComet provides a number of different web hosting services to its customers that include Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers. It has multiple data centers on three continents in the world that include in North America, Europe and Asia to improve speed and performance. They have years of experience and SSD Cloud Hosting solution, which is one of the most accessible and affordable on the Web Hosting Market. They carefully select their servers hardware and software, All servers run on high end SSD storage and the latest Intel processors. This is perfect for specific website, application or development environment. This is one of great web hosting company with essential and premium features.


FastComet is one of great web hosting providers on the market with fully utilize the power of technologies such as Google Pagespeed and nginx. This cloud hosting service is extremely easy to manage thanks to the cPanel/WHM control panel included with every hosting plan. Here are some of FastComet features:

Essential: Fixed Prices, cPanel/WHM, SSD Storage, RocketBooster, Free Let’s Encrypt SSLs, Cloudflare CDN Caching, SpamExperts, Web Application Firewall, Malware Removal, 24/7 Technical Support, Instant chat response, Free Daily Backups, Multiple server location.

StartSmart Plan gives all the important cloud hosting features. It has everything you need to start a website or small and average size of personal blog. It works well even for small business site with a reasonable number of visitors. This plan suitable for 25,000 unique visits per month or under on a regular basis.

ScaleRight Plan gives all the important cloud hosting features with website starter kit plus advanced features. This is might be the right solution that supports and drives your website growth. This plan is suitable to accommodate a single or multiple websites with average or under then 50,000 monthly unique visits.

SpeedUp might be the best option of all cloud hosting plan with advanced features plus RocketBooster. It provides the advanced power, flexibility and performance on a budget. This plan is great for average sized to heavily traffic websites. This plan is suitable for 100,000 unique visits per month or under on a regular basis.


FastComet is a type of flexible Web Hosting that include Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers. This is one of reliable web hosting provider on the market with premium customer support for customer satisfaction. It uses the most powerful and high end quality of hardware infrastructure with highest standards on all data center facility aspects. They have a highly available network around the world. They provide an exclusive features and large number of extra services to help you boost your website.

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