Linux VPS

Linux VPS is shortened form of Linux Virtual Private Server. It is Linux operating system based web hosting server such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos and more. It is usually uses a cPanel control panel to operate and managing website or even a free open source server control panel. For a complete related articles and other contents, you can see at full links provided below.

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UpCloud, Best Cheap and Fast Cloud VPS

Upcloud is a cloud hosting provider that provides a high performance cloud servers with an affordable price. With the latest Intel CPUs and MaxIOPS, your virtual server will be much more faster compared to industry standard cloud hosting. It is beyond SSD performance, which is twice as fast as standard SSD VPS hosting. This is one of fastest cloud servers in the world that has a reliable infrastructure and cheap VPS prices.

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IO Zoom, Best High Availability VPS Hosting

IO Zoom is a High Availability Failover VPS Hosting provider. They provide Linux and Windows VPS Servers with Full Root Access. They offer 100% Lightning-Fast SSD Server with free DDoS protection up to 10 Gbps and Free Snapshot Backup. IO Zoom uses KVM virtualization technology on linux and cloud servers, and Hyper-V on Windows servers to improve network performance

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Linode, Best High Performance Linux VPS

Linode is a cloud hosting company that provides high performance SSD Linux servers. It is exclusively provide Linux cloud server with virtualization technology at the core of all hosting plans. They offer Lightning Quick SSD Servers for all developers and designers. It has a simple, powerful, and reliable infrastructures. This is one of the best and cheap cloud hosting that you can use to deploy and managing your VPS

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DigitalOcean, Best Simplicity of Cloud VPS

DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting company that provides computing platform and services with cloud servers around the world. Their compute services are more than just virtual machines that mostly known as Droplets which are built with simplicity especially for developers to develop locally and deploy globally that run simultaneously on multiple machines.

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Vultr, Best High Performance SSD VPS

Vultr is a high performance SSD VPS provider which has a fast cloud infrastructure. This is one of the best and cheap cloud VPS, most reliable and trusted cloud hosting company for developers around the world. They have a great cloud servers provided in many different regions worldwide and High performance Compute Instances to accelerate your application.

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5 Best Cheap Self Managed Cloud VPS

This article contains about list of Best Cheap Self Managed Cloud VPS. This is a type of web hosting on the Internet. The main difference between VPS and Coud VPS is a True Cloud VPS will have higher redundancy and availability for user over the Internet, its replicates your data in real-time to another server in a different location to ensure a website will continue operating normally through automatic system

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9 Best Cheap Unmanaged VPS Hosting

This article contains about list of Best Cheap Unmanaged VPS Hosting. This is a perfect type of a web hosting server which has a flexibility, scalability, security, effectively, ease of use, reliable and relatively cost efficient than a normal shared hosting. There are some reasons users choose a VPS especially for Unmanaged VPS or Self-Managed VPS and this might include a cheap price, a great system resources, best services