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Services:Cloud Virtual Private Server (Cloud VPS), MaxIOPS Block Storage, Private Cloud
Server Locations:United States, Europe, Asia
Payment Methods:Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), Paypal, Bank transfers (Finland only)
Reliability:9 / 10
Pricing:9 / 10
User Friendly:9 / 10
Features:7 / 10
Support:8 / 10

UpCloud is one of the fastest and superior cloud servers provider, Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Its offers services includes Cloud Computing, MaxIOPS Block Storage, and Private Cloud. It is Designed for developers to manage the infrastructure.

All UpCloud’s cloud servers are deployed with MaxIOPS technology, allowing you to create and boot up a new cloud server in just 45 seconds. With an N+1 philosophy throughout their entire infrastructure, all single points of failure have been eliminated. They are so confident in their redundant cloud infrastructure and in-house developed technology, that they will give you a 100% uptime SLA.


Cloud Virtual Private Server

UpCloud – Cloud Virtual Private Server
Plan NameStorageBandwidthCPU CoresRAM
125 GB1 TB1 CPU Core1 GB
250 GB2 TB1 CPU Core2 GB
380 GB4 TB2 CPU Cores4 GB
4160 GB5 TB4 CPU Cores8 GB
5320 GB6 TB6 CPU Cores16 GB
6640 GB SSD7 TB8 CPU Cores32 GB
7960 GB SSD9 TB12 CPU Cores48 GB
81280 GB SSD10 TB16 CPU Cores64 GB
91920 GB SSD12 TB20 CPU Cores96 GB
102048 GB SSD24 TB20 CPU Cores128 GB

UpCloud’s Cloud Virtual Private Server is one of the World’s fastest cloud servers with simple powerful control panel and API. It uses MaxIOPS block storage, faster than SSD with a 100% uptime SLA.

All cloud servers are deployed on enterprise grade hardware. Together with their in-house developed software and proprietary MaxIOPS storage technology, you will get industry leading performance at all times. Cloud servers are deployed in less than 45 seconds. With incredibly fast boot times, you will get up and running within minutes.

Linux and Windows are supported in cloud servers and you can use one of the freely available templates, create your own from a backup or upload and boot from your own custom ISO.

Private Cloud

UpCloud’s Private Cloud
Plan NameRAMNetworkingCPU CoresHosts
1350 GB1 Gbit/s48 CPU Cores1
2700 GB1 Gbit/s96 CPU Core2
31400 GB1 Gbit/s192 CPU Cores4
42800 GB1 Gbit/s384 CPU Cores8

UpCloud’s Private Cloud is A superior cloud server that puts you on dedicated compute hosts in a physically isolated environment. It has the same flexibility and high performance of public cloud without any noisy neighbours with 100% uptime SLA.

UpCloud’s high performance is built on compute capacity, storage responsiveness and network availability. On UpCloud, performance means a combination of all these and translates to concrete benefits such as faster loading times, less required cloud resources and better quality of life for your developers team.

You can distribute your CPU and memory resources as you wish. Create your own plans for any CPU services. Have as many cloud servers as you like. Distribute vCPUs across compute hosts as you wish.

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Reviews: UpCloud

  1. Johannes

    Finally my favorite cloud provider have found its way as a sticker on my laptop! Thank for the swag upcloud

  2. Jonas

    I used Google Cloud Platform before moving to UpCloud. I switched at the time, because They didn’t have a DC in Finland (now they do), The servers were quite slow compared to UpCloud, and Quite expensive in comparison.

  3. Autoize

    UpCloud is the newest player to toss their hat into their ring, but their MaxIOPS technology puts their I/O performance head and shoulders above the rest including the majors

  4. Kaan

    Migrated to UpCloud from another provider, and has great performance difference!

  5. David

    In a little less than 2 weeks upcloud has turned me from skeptic to believer and over time we will be moving our sites

  6. Jason

    I use UpCloud and recommend them! Great support, plenty of regions in EU, decent pricing.


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