Vultr, Best High Performance SSD VPS

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Vultr is a high performance SSD VPS provider, which has a fast cloud infrastructure. This is one of the best and cheap cloud VPS, most reliable and trusted cloud hosting company for developers around the world. They have a great cloud servers provided in many different regions worldwide and High performance Compute Instances to accelerate your web applications. Vultr has a flexible options at a lower price level for their services. The Price options are appealing to almost all developers like individual technical entrepreneurs and even for small businesses. These are Vultr Pricing, Services, and Review.

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Vultr offers a Cloud Compute Instances with an affordable price, which you can use this for your new VPS. It uses 100% SSD VPS and latest generation of Intel CPUs with a very quick setup and billed hourly up to the monthly rate cap. User will have a dedicated IP Address for each server machine and a free Backup that called Snapshot. The most cheapest of all services is only $2.5 for one month, but this cheap SSD VPS is very limited, and it’s not guarantee this is still available. Anyway the $5 SSD or instance is already good enough to start your VPS. You can See A complete and up to date Vultr Pricing and Services on their Website, Visit Vultr.

Vultr SSD VPS Pricing
20 GB1 CPU512 MB0.5 TB$2.5 /month
25 GB1 CPU1 GB1 TB$5 /month
40 GB1 CPU2 GB2 TB$10 /month
60 GB2 CPU4 GB3 TB$20 /month
100 GB4 CPU8 GB4 TB$40 /month

Vultr Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Bitcoin, Alipay, UnionPay, and PayPal.


Vultr has a powerful cloud compute instances that perfect for your web application or development environment. Cloud Compute is an Internet computing services that include servers, storage, databases, networking, hardware, software, analytics, maintenance and more. Cloud computing enables customers to consume or use a compute resource, such as a virtual machine or virtual private server, storage, or applications running on a cloud infrastructure. Vultr offers Compute Instances, Block Storage, Bare Metal, and Dedicated Instances.

Control Panel

Vultr’s control panel is built with simple, easy to use, clean and beautiful. Many of its features can be installed with just one click and instant or just in seconds. This can save time for developer to concentrate on their project. Deploy a server with few mouse clicks with custom installation of operating system and manage them. Vultr also has a documentation for almost everything related to Linux server in their website. Users will have a freedom to manage and control their server as a root as well as provided for typical type of Self-Managed VPS, which means you must start your virtual server from the beginning, from install Linux operating system and another custom software.

Unmanaged VPS

Vultr is a type of Unmanaged VPS hosting provider or also known as Self-Managed VPS. This is a type of virtual server hosting where the provider is only responsible for providing hardware and network that are always available and ready to be used, then the client will have to perform the installation from the beginning, giving the setup and maintain the system including software, performance, security and others related. This option is the most widely taken by VPS users because it offers a cheap price which is almost the same as Shared Hosting or Standard Cloud Hosting.


Vultr is one of the best SSD Cloud VPS on the market. But, Choosing a Web Hosting such as VPS is like to choose a house for one or more websites at once on a server or cloud servers. That’s why, before you decide to buy it of course many things have to be considered by your self. Thing which might be important is Hosting and Domains are two things that can not be separated on the Internet, but they can be purchased separately at different service providers. Domain acts like a user’s website address, while hosting acts as a residence.

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