In terms of a website, web host is the name of the service that makes it available to the internet or World Wide Web. The data that is part of your site is stored in what is known as servers. These servers are owned and operated by the host. No matter how big or small a website, it is going to need web hosting. There are many different elements that go into its functioning which can seem a little too much to handle at first.

But this hosting is something that can be done by you as well. That is if you choose to do this. There are a few benefits of you doing this on your own rather than using someone else. We will be getting at that a little later. Before you can start making yourself able to host a website, there are a few things that you should know about.

Without knowing these factors, hosting is going to become a much more difficult task. With the help of the information given here, we hope to quell some doubts that you might have regarding hosting. Well then, let’s dive right into it and see and what this hosting is all about.

What Is Web Hosting

Though it may seem like this question has already been answered, that was just an overview of what this process entails. There is a lot of more to it and it is up to you to know about it. You need to know all the intricacies that are part of it. Only if you know all this, will you be able to perform the hosting duties in the right manner.

Just a simple search about web hosting is sure to be throw up hundreds of results that will provide you with valuable information. Learn as much as you can since it will be useful for you. Make a list of all the essential parts of hosting a website and check them off one by one. This will speed up the learning process.

Website & Host

You have to know what kind of website it is that you will be hosting. A lot of it will be based on the quality and type of web design that is done. This is because each kind of website requires its own way of hosting. For example, if there are a lot of images and videos, you will have to tweak your settings so that you can handle the traffic that it gets. Alternatively, you can purchase some space from a host and rent it out to another website.

This way you can make a little extra cash. So if there is a website that is approaching you to host them, ensure that you have gone through their credentials. You do not want to be stuck with someone who will not attract any kind of traffic. It helps to check their performance over some time as it gives you an indication of their capabilities. Search for customer reviews about them.

This is quite possibly the best way to gauge the worthiness of a website. And when you are looking to buy this hosting space, try and find a plan that is suited to your needs. A lot of these services offer a wide variety of options to you so do not feel shy about going through all of them. Sign a deal with them only when you are sure that you have got what you want. Once you have space, go ahead and rent it out and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Type Of Server

To host a site, you are going to need a server. Thankfully, there are many options available to you to fulfil this purpose. The types of servers are plenty and you must choose one that is best suited to your needs. Some of the most server types include a shared server where many websites share the space on one server. This is particularly useful if there are many small sites as you can fit them all in one place.

On the contrary, you get what is known as a dedicated server. This is where an entire server is dedicated to one site alone. You could go for this if the site is getting a lot of traffic as it will handle it better than a shared server. If you need many servers to use, the best option for you to choose would be the cloud version. With this, you can have many servers which will allow you to store larger amounts of data. And lastly, you could get a VPS. In this type, there is no physical server. It lets you have complete control over it. They are capable of handling large websites as well.


Once you have bought the space and chosen the right server type, your job is not done. You are going to have to perform routine maintenance to ensure that everything is running smoothly. You should always be on hand to provide the customers with any kind of support that they might need. You have to prepare for any type of situation that might arise. It helps if you arm yourself with the expertise needed to overcome any problem. So even if something starts to go wrong, you can set it right.

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