How To Remove File on Linux (Command Line)

By: Gunawan, Updated: March 1, 2023 remove file

File on linux computer system can be created, moved, renamed, modified, grown, shrunk, and deleted. In most cases, software programs that are executed on the computer handle these operations, the user can also modify these files directly via terminal with command lines.

10 Cheap and Best Dedicated Servers

By: Gunawan, Updated: February 28, 2023 best dedicated server

Dedicated Server is a type of server machines with high class hardware in a physically isolated environment. They are optimized for workloads with consistent performance with no noisy neighbors. These providers offer an affordable and high performance dedicated server. They are available in multiple data center locations in worldwide.

5 Best Free Server Hosting Control Panel

By: Gunawan, Updated: February 28, 2023 compute

This article contains about Best Free Web Server Hosting Control Panel. Hosting Control Panel is also known as Server Control Panel is a type of web-based interface that allows administrators or users to control and manage their hosted website or application. These are Free Web Control Panels as an alternative to cPanel that are popular and most used

What Makes a Good Website?

By: Gunawan, Updated: February 27, 2023 web development

A website is one the key tools you have, to establish your name on the internet and digital space. The number of people browsing the net is increasing day by day. So if you want to reach out to a larger number of people, the internet is where it is at. Keeping this in mind, you are going to want to get your own website.

Install Chromium on Ubuntu (Stable, Dev, Beta version via Terminal)

By: Gunawan, Updated: February 25, 2023 ubuntu chromium

Chromium is absolutely an open-source code-base that can be compiled into a web browser with minimalist user interface. It is available in stable version, development and beta version for Linux based operating system including Ubuntu.

10 Best Linux VPS Hosting Providers

By: Gunawan, Updated: February 25, 2023 best linux vps

Linux VPS is also known as Linux Virtual Private Server. It is a type of Linux based Operating System Web Server Hosting that include CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu. It is the most affordable way and a good solution for a cost effective.

Install Chrome on Ubuntu 20.04 (GUI and via Terminal with Linux command)

By: Gunawan, Updated: February 24, 2023 ubuntu chrome

Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google for accessing the World Wide Web. It was first released for Microsoft Windows built with free software components and was later ported to Linux including ubuntu, macOS, iOS, and Android.

What is Website Hosting?

By: Gunawan, Updated: February 20, 2023 cloud server

In simple terms, web hosting can be described as the service through which you can put up your website on the internet. In other words, it is the service that will host your website. They are stored on devices known as servers.

How To Copy Directory in Linux (Terminal, Command Line)

By: Gunawan, Updated: February 4, 2023 copy directory linux

Directory in linux computer system can be created, copied, moved, renamed, and modified. In some cases, software programs that are executed on the computer handle these operations, the user can also modify these directories directly via terminal using command line.

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