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Virtual Private Server Web Hosting

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Virtual Private Server is also known as VPS. This is one type of web hosting server which use a virtualization technology provided by Internet hosting companies. It virtualize real servers and runs its own operating system and other custom softwares as user wants and in most cases user will get full root access or as a superuser. Beside from standard package that offered, user can choose to has Windows or Linux Based operating system, include a feature to start, reboot and stop at any time you like.

A VPS user usually has a full control to manage resources and not shared with another clients, which means your virtual private server space is much more stable and secured on the run and performance than a shared hosting. Once it is ready with operating system installed, user can start to install almost any software that runs on that server such as WordPress and can start to create and run a Website or Blog.

vps virtual private server hosting

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There are some mostly known types of vitualization for Virtual Private Server, KVM and OpenVZ. The basic difference between them is that OpenVZ can only host Linux OS (Operating systems), while KVM is more flexible and can host variety operating systems including many flavours and versions of Linux, Windows, and custom OS options. KVM is generally has much more stable performance than OpenVZ, while OpenVZ more cheaper than KVM.


KVM stands for Kernel Virtual Machine or Kernel-based Virtual Machine. This is open source software with a full virtualization infrastructure solution for Linux kernel that turns it into a hypervisor. It is a true core virtualization where the VPS can operates independently of the host node as its own server. It consists of a loadable kernel module and provides the virtualization infrastructure and a processor specific module and each virtual machine has private virtualized hardware such as a network card, disk drive, graphics, etc. A wide variety of operating systems can run with KVM, including variety versions of Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows, and other custom OS.


OpenVZ or OVZ stands for Open Virtuozzo, which means a virtualization solution offered by Virtuozzo company. This is also free open source operating system-level virtualization technology for Linux available under GNU GPL. It is a container style of virtualization which relies on the host node’s kernel. It creates multiple secure, isolated operating system instances called containers, virtual private servers (VPSs), or virtual environments (VEs) on a single physical server enabling better server utilization and ensuring that applications do not conflict. Each container runs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server.

Type of Virtual Private Server

There are 2 basic types of Virtual Private Server or VPS:

Managed VPS

Managed VPS or Managed Virtual Private Server is the ideal solution to run a website or on-line business for both non-technical and also experienced people since the hosting company takes care of any technical tasks related to the server, make sure it is available, has an up-to-date system software, remains secure, and ensure that resources run according to package specifications. In other words the hosting provider will manages the server including system configuration and responsible for it. While user has administrative access through a control panel to do whatever user want with the server. It offer a better solution for most users who would prefer to have an expert manage their server while users focuses more exclusively on their websites.

UnManaged VPS

Unmanaged VPS or Unmanaged Virtual Private Server is also known as Self-Managed VPS. It is a server which entirely managed and maintained by the user itself and the only thing the host company responsible for is the availability of a functional physical server but generally this include a free Linux family of operating system to install and reinstall. Users got to have technical experience to run this server, because they have to choose and install OS they prefer from the beginning and this include other custom software installation by them self to run their website.

Some users with technical knowledge prefer the higher levels of freedom offered as root or superuser by unmanaged VPSs and choose them over fully managed servers, and it is absolutely much more cheaper. User can control every aspect of a server, install any software that user want and have a complete control over who can access. In other word All updates, OS and custom software installations, security and file changes are totally dependent upon the user. But you don’t have to worry to much because everyone always have the first time experience and you can learn and be more skilled.

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