Cloud VPS also known as Cloud Virtual Private Server is a type of hosting that uses virtualization technology to allow and operate independently while multiple websites are being stored on the same physical hardware. Each server has its own operating system and runs almost nearly as a dedicated server.

The main difference between “VPS” and “Coud VPS” is a True Cloud VPS will have higher redundancy and availability for user over the Internet, its replicates your data in real-time to another server in a different location to ensure a website will continue operating normally through automatic system. It is typically an alternative and affordable vps hosting solution than the shared server especially for self Managed Server.

Here are 5 Cheap and Best Cloud VPS Hosting Providers:

  1. Vultr Cloud VPS

    ServicesCloud Servers Hosting, Cloud Compute, VPS, Bare Metal, Block Storage, Dedicated Cloud
    Server LocationsUnited States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia
    Payment MethodsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Bitcoin (BTC and BCH), Alipay, UnionPay, WeChat Pay, PayPal

    Vultr is a cloud hosting provider that specialized in fast cloud infrastructure such as SSD VPS Servers and Dedicated Cloud. Their Cloud Compute Technology has a simple and effective control panel, so clients can easily deploy Cloud Servers, Bare Metal, Block Storage, and Dedicated Instances worldwide. It has a great cloud servers and a fast network speed provided in many different regions around the world. It is a best choice and affordable, suited for everyone from beginners to experienced private server.

    Users will have a freedom to manage and control their server as a root or superuser as well as provided for typical type of Self Managed VPS, which means you must start a virtual machine from the beginning from choose and install Linux operating system such as Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc and then perform a custom software installation as your desired by yourself, so you can then running your website or application. In other words users got to have some technical knowledge or experience to do that. Vultr also has an extensive documentation section, guides and tutorials on their website that covers a range of common tasks, which works for any type of server.

  2. DigitalOcean Cloud VPS

    ServicesCloud Virtual Server Hosting, Cloud Computing, VPS Hosting, Linux Server, Dedicated Server, Managed Databases, Storage Hosting
    Server LocationsUnited States, Canada, Europe, Asia
    Payment MethodsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal. On request: Wire transfer, Purchase Orders, and ACH

    DigitalOcean is one of the best and cheap virtual server hosting provider that specialized on cloud computing. It was built with simplicity, reliable, efficient, created specifically for clients of all scales from individual to enterprise, so users can manage their virtual machines easily. It offer self-managed hosting to create virtual private server or droplet in seconds. It is a fast and scalable compute platform with add-on storage, security, and monitoring capabilities.

    DigitalOcean can be considered as good option to start your web hosting especially for developers who need flexibility and more control over their virtual servers. This is one of the best cloud virtual machines. It is easy to deploy around the world, a perfect choice for you but you have to be sure that you can manage from the beginning while their also provides tutorials to do so. You will have a full root access, including the ability to setup your server and choose your desired operating system.

  3. Linode Cloud VPS

    ServicesCloud Servers, VPS, Linux Servers, Dedicated CPU, High Frequency Plans, GPU Plans
    Server LocationsUnited States, Canada, Europe, Asia
    Payment MethodsVisa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Checks, Money Orders

    Linode is an American hosting company that provides Cloud Hosting with a high performance SSD Linux servers. It provides very fast 40 Gbps Network with SSDs for optimal performance, Users can choose a simple explained hosting plans that include Standard Plans and High Memory Plans. Standard Plans comes with an affordable price, even a beginner can try to test and run the server with guides provided on their website.

    Linode’s VPS is geared purely towards some technical knowledgeable in Linux, so don’t expect to much for technical support if you choose a self-managed VPS, but you will have a freedom to manage your server alias SSH and root access. It also offers a custom package where you can buy add-ons and choose a Linode managed plan, so you can have a control panel like cPanel, but it comes with additional cost.

  4. UpCloud Cloud VPS

    ServicesCloud Compute, Cloud Servers, MaxIOPS Block Storage, Private Cloud
    Server LocationsUnited States, Europe, Asia
    Payment MethodsCredit cards (Visa, MasterCard), Paypal, Bank transfers (Finland only)

    UpCloud is Cloud Hosting company that focused in Cloud Servers. They offer MaxIOPS storage technology which is Beyond SSD performance, more faster or a twice as fast as standard SSD VPS hosting and also offer 100% uptime SLA. It has an enterprise grade of hardware environment with ultra fast networking provided in many data centers that include in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Chicago (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), London (UK), Helsinki (Finland), and Singapore (Asia).

    If you’re looking for ease of use, high performance and scalable, you can compare with other Cloud Server providers such as Vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode that mentioned above. UpCloud is definitely worth to try. Overall reviewers, UpCloud has an excellent performance, user friendly and quick customer service.

  5. IO Zoom Cloud VPS

    IO Zoom
    io zoom
    ServicesCloud VPS, Linux VPS, WordPress VPS, Windows VPS, WordPress Hosting, Data Backup, Spam Experts Filtering, Server Management, Professional Services, DDoS Protection
    Server LocationsUnited States, Europe
    Payment MethodsVisa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, UnionPay, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Paypal, and Bitcoin

    IO Zoom or I/O Zoom is one of the best vps hosting company that focused on providing Cloud VPS. It exclusively using SSDs and other high quality hardware to ensure fast performance. This is one of the fastest cloud servers with Linux and Windows operating systems which offer an affordable price of VPS with Full Root Access.

    By default, they offer unmanaged VPS Plan, which means users will have to manage their VPS on their own, while they also provide add-ons so users can choose to the next level for Managed VPS with cPanel or Plesk control Panel, which it comes with additional fees for server management, but this is ideal for clients who just want to focus on getting their website or blog up and running without having to understand server maintenance. Overall, IO Zoom probably a good option to choose for VPS Hosting because it comes with friendly price provided with premium and excellent services.

VPS deployed by partitioning of a dedicated server, while clients get similar benefits of features almost the same as a dedicated server. It is an economical method to runs or operates website, blogs or applications. Users can choose the service package that offered to fit as needed and can pay on only on the go, in other words it is different from the commonly shared web hosting where clients pay a fixed price for the package that offered by the hosting providers.

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